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Babu X started as a Hip Hop music producer, in fact, he is the first Hip Hop producer in Myanmar. Babu X has written, produced and performed more than 150 songs in Myanmar, including a few original soundtracks. 

His path from Hip Hop to EDM started when he hosted parties at home in 2006 with his friend Dj Shwe Pu, who is his first mentor. In 2012 Babu X released the remix of Skinny Love, the hit song performed by Birdy. 

“Babu X ft Geh Geh - Skinny Love Remix” was his first mark as a Dj/Producer. 

Babu X plays Big Room, Trap and Hard Style/Hard Dance in his Dj sets but instead of “EDM”, Babu X named the music he plays as ‘Party Music’. 

In his career, Babu X shared the same stage with Quintino, Vinai, Wildstylez, Dirtcaps, Uberjakd and Da Candy. 

“DJ/PRODUCER/MC/PARTY ANIMAL” is Babu X’s own description of himself.